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Who is Sherry lee Meredith and what is GO CURVY?

Sherry Lee Meredith is a successful entrepreneur, body positive activist, and the host and creator of Go Curvy.

In the late 2000s, Sherry Lee left her native Canada and moved to California to expand her rapidly growing business empire and pursue the American Dream. It was then, at the pinnacle of her career, that she suffered a debilitating stroke, leaving half of her body paralyzed. Through months of rehabilitation and reflection, Sherry Lee’s outlook on life changed and so did her career path. She realized she had a greater calling and needed to share her message of positivity and self-acceptance with others. Sherry Lee decided to create the talk show Go Curvy as a platform to share her life experiences, to spread a positive message and to inspire other women to feel confident and love their bodies.

Go Curvy is an empowering talk show for women of all shapes, sizes and lifestyles. Go Curvy just completed its 3rd season and season 4 starts Oct 25th 2016. Go Curvy has more than 6 million views and Sherry Lee has quickly become the go-to resource for women around the world. The show covers everything from hard hitting issues like cardiovascular disease in women and fat shaming to beauty and fashion tips. Sherry Lee’s cooking segments have become viewers favorites, taking traditional recipes and putting a healthy spin on them. Go Curvy also brings viewers behind the velvet ropes at high-end fashion events in Los Angeles and around the world. The show has featured a wide range of influential guests including, Marissa Jaret Winokur (DWTS), Whitney Way Thore (TLC’s “My Big Fat Fabulous Life”), Emme (Model), Hayley Hasselhoff, Katrina Parker (“The Voice”) and recurring “life coach” Gregory Zarian.

In 2015/16 Sherry Lee (and her production company Go Curvy Productions) took on a new role as creator, writer and executive producer of two new shows, Go curvy Beverly Hills and Date’EM. Also in 2016 Sherry Lee realized her dream of becoming an author when she completed her autobiography, a book designed to start a conversation about body acceptance and living everyday with passion and purpose.

Sherry Lee encourages everyone to remember her daily motto – “You’re smart, you’re beautiful, you are more than numbers on a scale! Live for today, love your body and let’s Go Curvy!”